Signing up

What roles do I pick?

After putting in your name and log in info, you pick your primary role - the role you primarily and preferably work as (e.g. Script Editor, Technical Director etc.). You can then add up to two additional roles. For example, perhaps you work primarily as a Script Editor, but depending on the production you might want to work as a Segment Producer.

How do I choose type of employment?

Click Invoice if you are self-employed and send your own invoices. Click Salary if you're not self-employed and want to get employed by the production company that books you and get paid a salary. You can also choose to toggle both options if you're open to both.

What is day rate?

The day rate is the default rate you ask for one day of work. It is not displayed in your profile but serves as a base when people try to book you through Qyre. Do you usually work longer contracts or with a monthly salary? Don't worry, the day rate serves more as an indication than something fixed and you can negotiate terms and rates freely within the app. But keep in mind that depending on what type of employment you choose you should include taxes. I.e. if you're self-employed and send invoices, the day rate should include the full amount you invoice, but not VAT. If you however want to get paid in salary, the day rate should not include general payroll tax (arbetsgivaravgifter).

Creating Productions

How do i create a production?

To create a production, you will start by visiting the production tab in the center of the bottom app menu. To create a new production simply tap the plus sign in the top right corner and your off! You will now be asked for a production name and description and you can choose if you want to upload a production image. In this production setup process, you will also be asked to provide start and end dates for your production. If you are unsure of anything, don't worry, everything can be edited later. You can now complete the production setup by choosing one of two options at the bottom of the screen. You can either choose to "create blank" which will give you an empty timeline or "use a template" which will allow you to select from 3 different crew sizes. If you select "create blank" you will add every role individually rather than "use a template" which lays out a timeline and crew size for you. The template is just a starting point and you can always move people around as well as add or remove roles.

How do I add a people to my production?

To begin scheduling your production, go to the timeline and click on the add role button on the bottom right. Select the role you want to add, the number of people for that role you need and the start and end dates of that role. Save the role, and tap on the newly created role from the timeline view. Click on the freelancer slot and browse a freelancer to add to this role. Select the freelancer to add them to the role. Tap on the freelancer you just added and select adjust offer in the bottom left corner. You can now adjust your offer to the freelancer by adjusting the total or day rate. Feel free to add a message, toggle between invoice and salary or select production administrator in order to give the freelancer administrative privileges such as staffing a production, creating posts and more. To send the offer, click the green send offer button on the bottom. You can always adjust the offer after you have sent it.

What do I do with the timeline?

The timeline is very much the heart of the Qyre app. The timeline is where you schedule and staff up your production by creating roles and adding freelancers to those roles. After you have created your production and from the production dashboard, you will access the timeline by clicking on the menu arrow in the upper right hand corner. Your timeline will automatically span the dates you specified when creating your production. If you want to change the dates simply tap the 3 dot edit button in the bottom left of the app.

How do I create teams?

Once you have created and staffed your production, you can visit the crew list and make teams in order to communicate with different groups of people in your production. From your production dashboard, click on the menu arrow in the top right and select the crew list. Click on the plus arrow in the top right, create your team name and add people to the team by selecting them from their role.

Offers & Negotiation

How do I send an offer?

See "How do I add people to my production?" under Creating productions.

Where do offers appear?

If you've sent or received a job offer, it will appear under offers in the feed tab in the left corner of the bottom app menu. Here offers you receive appear under "Received" and the ones you have sent or countered appear under "Sent". If you are a production admin you can also access all negotiations you've initiated through the crew view in your production. The exclamation mark on roles and freelancers in the crew view indicate that there's an ongoing negotiation.

What do I do with an offer I've received?

If you receive a job offer it will appear under offers in the feed tab in the left corner of the bottom app menu. Click the offer to get more details about the job and who has sent it. Here you can also click "View production" to get info about the production and who else you'll be working with. You will notice that you have three buttons at the bottom of the job offer - Reject, Adjust offer and Accept. If you click "Reject" the offer will be rejected and removed. If you click "Accept" you accept the offer and will be added to the production. If you click "Adjust offer" you can send a counter offer with adjusted pay. You can add a message to your counter offer or discuss freely by clicking the chat button in the top right corner. Here all messages regarding the offer get stored, so don't forget to check in so you don't miss anything!

Posts & Polls

What are posts?

Posts allow members of a production to easily receive and view relevant production information.  Production admin's can share call sheets, travel information, schedules and more by creating a post. As a production admin, you can share a post with a specific team or with the entire production.

How do I create a post?

Once you have created a production, posts are used to share information with individual teams or the entire production. From your production page, click the dropdown arrow in the top right and select "Create post". You can now add a post title, add a message and upload attachments to share with the entire production or with a specific team.

What are polls?

Polls allow production admin's to ask multiple choice questions of teams or of an entire production. Polls have a variety of uses from lunch choices to location options and more. Members of a production can respond to these multiple choice questions by selecting one of the options and voting with their choice.

How do I create a poll?

Once you have created a production, you can use polls to send multiple choice questions to the members of your production. From your production page, click the dropdown arrow in the top right and select "Create post". Toggle from post to poll and begin to fill out the title of your poll, your poll message and add your different poll options. Like posts, you can choose to send the poll to the entire production or just to a specific team.

How do I make a post or poll sticky?

When creating a post or poll, you will have the option to "Set as sticky." Setting a post or poll as sticky will keep it locked at the top of the production feed and allow members of your production to easily find the information you deem most important.

Can I send push notifications with my posts and polls?

Yes! When you create a post or poll, you will have an option to send a push notification. If you turn this feature on, everyone receiving the post or poll will get an alert that the production they are apart of has a new alert. If you don't turn on send push notification, they may not see the new post or poll until the next time they are in the production page of the app.